NanoByte Code Generation  0.3.1
Wrapper around Roslyn API to simplify generating C# code
NanoByte.CodeGeneration.CSharpAttribute Class Reference

An attribute on a CSharpInterface, CSharpClass or CSharpProperty. More...

Public Member Functions

 CSharpAttribute (CSharpIdentifier identifier)
 Creates a new attribute. More...

Package Functions

AttributeListSyntax ToSyntax ()
 Returns a Roslyn syntax for the attribute. More...


CSharpIdentifier Identifier [get]
 The type of the attribute. More...
List< object > Arguments = new List<object>() [get]
 Arguments for the attribute. More...
List<(string name, object value)> NamedArguments = new List<(string name, object value)>() [get]
 Named Arguments for the attribute. More...

Detailed Description

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CSharpAttribute()

NanoByte.CodeGeneration.CSharpAttribute.CSharpAttribute ( CSharpIdentifier  identifier)

Creates a new attribute.

identifierThe type of the attribute.

Member Function Documentation

◆ ToSyntax()

AttributeListSyntax NanoByte.CodeGeneration.CSharpAttribute.ToSyntax ( )

Returns a Roslyn syntax for the attribute.

Property Documentation

◆ Arguments

List<object> NanoByte.CodeGeneration.CSharpAttribute.Arguments = new List<object>()

Arguments for the attribute.

◆ Identifier

CSharpIdentifier NanoByte.CodeGeneration.CSharpAttribute.Identifier

The type of the attribute.

◆ NamedArguments

List<(string name, object value)> NanoByte.CodeGeneration.CSharpAttribute.NamedArguments = new List<(string name, object value)>()

Named Arguments for the attribute.

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